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The Gore Agenda:
Building American Prosperity in the
Information Age
June 17, 1999

For decades, Al Gore has worked to lead America into the Information Age by offering an exciting vision of the potential for economic growth through innovation.

As a House member, he co-authored legislation to set aside Federal research funds for small businesses working to turn new technologies into new products. As a Senator, he introduced legislation which expanded investment in research networks, such as the NSFNET.

As Vice President, he has been at the forefront of the administration's efforts to use technology to build the economy of the 21st century - and to help prepare the workers of today and tomorrow to succeed in that economy.

Boosting High Technology Jobs for the 21st Century

What can we do to build on that record, and continue the high technology boom that has created so much economic growth in New Hampshire and around the country?

As President, Al Gore will take the following five steps to keep America's high tech industries growing:

1. Build a Strong Economy
As Vice President, Al Gore has been a leader in fighting for a balanced budget, fiscal discipline, open markets, and a sound economic policy. As President, Al Gore will adopt economic policies that will create strong overall economic growth, as the key precondition to high technology growth.

As President, Al Gore will:

  • Balance the budget, every year, except in times of national emergency;

  • Increase our investments in efforts that create economic growth, such as education, technology, and research;

  • Continue to streamline government, reducing its size and eliminating red tape; and

  • Work to open new markets by expanding free and fair trade.

This overall economic growth policy is the platform on which further technological innovation can be used to spur additional high-tech economic growth.

2. Cut Taxes to Spur Investment in Research and Development Al Gore has been a long-time supporter of a targeted tax cut aimed at spurring investment in research and development. As Vice President, Al Gore has helped win renewal of this credit.

As President, Al Gore will propose:

  • A permanent Research and Experimentation Tax Credit, not subject to the annual battle over renewal on the current credit, so that companies can make investments for the future.

  • Expanding this new R&D Credit so that small businesses (one of the key engines of high tech growth in New Hampshire) can take better advantage of it by making the credit partially refundable.

These tax cuts will be fully offset within the context of a balanced budget, and will help create thousands of new jobs all around the country.

3. Open Global Markets in Cyberspace for U.S. Companies

Global electronic commerce could reach up to $1.4 trillion in sales within four years; American workers and American businesses can benefit enormously from this economic boom - if we follow the right policies.

As President, Al Gore will:

  • Pursue an international agreement to make "cyberspace" a permanent "duty-free zone," so that U.S. companies can sell goods, around the world, via the Internet, without duties;

  • Insist that other countries apply their trade obligations under WTO in a way that does not discriminate against electronic commerce; and

  • Insist that other countries refrain from enacting trade-related measures that could impede e-commerce.

In this way, U.S. companies can create countless new jobs in the 21st century - jobs in creating goods and services for sale all around the world.

4. Boost Investment in Information Technology
American investment in information technology pays off in the long-run, in terms of high tech jobs and sustained economic growth.

As President, Al Gore will:

  • Double the investment in information technology research over the next five years, fully implementing the recommendations of the President's Information Technology Advisory Committee.

  • Increase investment in biomedical research and information technology so that their convergence can deliver the benefits from completing the human genome effort. The genome project - which has created an "instruction book for life" - can produce new treatments, diagnostics and personalized medicine. To take advantage of the promise of this research, Al Gore will propose the creation of 20 centers of excellence in biomedical computing on the campuses of our finest schools.

The pay-offs for these investments are clear: a new wave of economic growth and job creation - sparked by start-ups that capitalize on the ideas and insights of university researchers; high-speed wireless networks that can provide telemedicine, distance learning, and electronic commerce to remote rural communities; supercomputers that can dramatically increase our ability to predict tornadoes and hurricanes; and computers that are much easier to use, and can "understand" human language; new research leading to the design of effective drugs and a speed-up of the time it takes to find important new treatments and cures.

5. Educate and Train the Workforce of Tomorrow

We must work not only to create the fruits of innovation, but also to ensure that all Americans have the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of a new economy. That is why Al Gore has an aggressive agenda for ensuring that all Americans have the skills they need for the 21st Century.

As President, Al Gore will:

  • Help create the best system of public education, so our children get the education they need to succeed in the 21st Century. He is committed to working with parents, teachers, and principals to create the modern classrooms, higher standards, and smaller class sizes every child deserves. Additionally he will make it easier for parents to save for college tuition - tax free.

  • Finish the job of connecting our classrooms to the Internet so that one day a child can reach a hand a cross a keyboard and reach every book ever written, every symphony ever composed and every painting ever painted. That means we must ensure that these new technologies are as easy for teachers to use as chalkboards are today.

  • Create a new 401(j) training accounts with tax preferences to encourage workers to save for their own training, and provide tax cuts for those who do.

  • Expand Life Long Learning programs, so that every adult who needs training to adapt to the new economy can get it - and can prosper from the technological change.



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