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Environmental Voters for Gore

Spread the word - let your friends know about your support for Al Gore!

Your support and participation is the key to electing Al Gore President. By helping us get our message out and organizing Environmental Voters for Gore online, you can make a difference. It's easy - just fill out the form below and send 10 of your friends an email about Environmental Voters for Gore, and how to organize at algore2000.com. Included will be a copy of the letter from Robert Kennedy Jr., Federico Pena, Ted Danson, Katie McGinty, and Pat Bryant that effectively communicates Al Gore's record on the environment.

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Your message will read as follows:

I am writing because I know that the future of our environment is an important issue to you - and an important issue in the 2000 election. I am asking you to join with me in supporting Al Gore and get involved by spreading the word about his record on the environment.

Below is a letter from fellow environmental voters Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Federico Pena, Katie McGinty, Ted Danson, and Pat Bryant. I think it demonstrates why electing Al Gore is so important.

You can help by emailing this letter to 10 of your friends after you read it. Just go to http://www.algore2000.com/environment - join Environmental Voters for Gore and help the campaign by organizing others on line."


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   Memphis, TN 11/04
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 11/03
Rochester Hills, MI 11/02
Bus Tour, MI 10/29
East Lansing, MI 10/29
Madison, WI 10/26
Santa Fe, NM 10/26
Nashville, TN 10/24
Miami, FL 10/23
Voices from the Campaign Trail
Television Ads

   Elmwood, TN 11/07
Flint, MI 11/06
St. Louis, MO 11/06
Dearborn, MI 11/05
Huntington, WV 11/04
Ames, IA 11/03
Kansas City, MO 11/03
Las Cruces, NM 11/02
Chicago, IL 11/02
Scranton, PA 11/02
Scranton, PA 11/01
Tampa, FL 11/01
Kissimmee, FL 11/01
Los Angeles, CA 10/31

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