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Campaign Update

1. 17 and Counting - Gore Visits New Hampshire
2. A Strong Voice for America - Jesse Jackson decides not to run for president.
3. Chicago and Birmingham - The VP to visit Illinois and Alabama.
4. Speaking of Fundraising - The 1st quarter deadline is around the corner
5. Who's Here? - The campaign leadership team.

1. 17 and Counting

The Vice President will visit New Hampshire today and tomorrow (3/26-27) -- his 17th visit since 1994. Today, he will meet with seniors in Pease and attend the Grover Cleveland Dinner in Conway. On Saturday, he will campaign in Concord, Manchester, and Nashua, visiting with the people of New Hampshire in their living rooms to talk about the issues important to them and their families.

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2. A Strong Voice for America

Rev. Jesse Jackson announced Wednesday he will not be a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President. Vice President Gore called Jesse Jackson "a strong voice for justice and progress in America."

"Jesse Jackson and his family have become close friends to me and my family over the past few years," Vice President Gore said. "I respect his leadership. I respect his dedication to the issues he is working on. I respect his energy and talent. He will play a major role in shaping the political and policy dialogue in 2000 -- and beyond. I look forward to continuing to work with him."

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3. Chicago and Birmingham

There are a couple of quick stops in the Midwest and the South for the VP on Monday, March 29. The Vice President will have lunch with supporters in Chicago, IL, then fly down to Birmingham, AL for a reception and dinner. These are the last two fundraising events for Gore 2000 during the first quarter of 1999.

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4. Speaking of Fundraising

March 31st is the deadline for first quarter contributions. If you or anyone you know want to help Gore 2000 make a splash when the first FEC report comes out in April, make sure to have contributions in by March 31st.

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5. Who's Here?

Some of you may not be familiar with the top dogs here at the campaign. Craig Smith is the Campaign Manager of Gore 2000. Craig came from the White House, where he was Political Director. Johnny Hayes is the National Finance Chair. He is a very close friend of the Vice President and, most recently, served as Director of the Tennessee Valley Authority. Tina Flournoy is the Finance Director. Tina was Deputy to the Campaign Manager for Clinton/Gore '96. Gore 2000's National Treasurer is Jose Villarreal. Janice Griffin, Jane Eskind, and Jack Quinn make up the Board of Director's for Gore 2000.

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