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April 6 Campaign Update


1. On the Road

California and Iowa

From a Los Angeles high school to a Cedar Rapids living room, Vice President Gore is offering America his vision of the 21st Century, starting with revolutionary change to improve education.

Smaller class sizes were the goal Monday in Los Angeles. Gore visited Hamilton High School with Governor Gray Davis to announce a federal waiver to reduce class sizes for California's tenth graders.

"There is nothing more important than providing a world-class education for all of our people and we are working hard to provide the investment and flexibility needed to prepare all of California's children for the 21st century," the Vice President said. Later, the Vice President joined more than 600 Gore 2000 supporters at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Higher education was the subject today in Merced, CA where the Vice President led a roundtable discussion on higher education initiatives. In San Jose, he visited the Technology Museum of Innovation. In Woodside, he joined 350 supporters at a Gore 2000 reception.

Wednesday it's off to Iowa. The Vice President and Mrs. Gore will meet with residents of Waterloo and discuss equal pay issues before moving on to Ames on Thursday, where they will meet with residents and the VP will address the Iowa State Education Association Convention. After that, they will head up to Cedar Rapids to meet with residents and do a little face-to-face campaigning. Whew!

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2. Rep. Becerra Endorses Gore

In L.A., Congressman Xavier Becerra (D-CA) endorsed the Vice President for President in 2000. Rep. Becerra represents California's 30th district and is a recognized leader in the Latino community. Rep. Becerra had this to say about the Vice President:

"California, indeed the nation, has found a great champion in Al Gore…He has led California into the good times. More importantly, during the rough times - the Northridge earthquake, agricultural disasters - he has been at our side. I am honored to support Vice President Al Gore in his candidacy for President of the United States."

Read the Gore 2000 Press Release on Rep. Becerra's Endorsement:

(En Español) Becerra Annuncia Su Apoyo A Gore Para La Presidencia

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3. Record Setting First Quarter

Three-quarters of all donations to the campaign came from supporters who contributed $100 or less, Gore 2000 National Treasurer Jose Villarreal announced Thursday, with a record-setting today of $8.9 million raised for the first quarter.

"People all across America are expressing their support for Vice President Gore and we are grateful to them," Villarreal said. "These numbers reflect the breadth and depth of America's support for Al Gore. Our contributors come from all 50 states and from virtually every walk of life. They will make the difference in this campaign. This is truly a grassroots effort."

All Gore 2000 FEC Reports will be made available for download at

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4. A GOP Reality Check? ...Get Real!

It's more of the same phony attack ads from the Republicans, the latest round released Monday in California attacking Vice President Gore more than 600 days before Election Day. These come from the Republican Leadership Council. Gore 2000 campaign manager Craig Smith had this to say about the ads:

"Some people will do anything for attention, and for the Republicans that means airing the same old phony attack ads, aimed at fooling the public, in an attempt to convince the media to write a story that doesn't exist. America deserves better. Al Gore knows that. He's offering real leadership, a vision for the 21st Century, and a lifetime of experience including summers spent on his family's farm in Carthage, Tennessee. His accomplishments range from helping create the present-day Internet to helping taxpayers save millions by reorganizing government. No half-baked attack ad by the Republicans will hide the fact that they are offering no vision for America's future."

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Today, Vice President Al Gore will unveil the Gore 2000 website - We think the Gore 2000 site is the best campaign website on the Internet. We like to consider it a living website, meaning it will grow and expand with the campaign. Take some time to explore the site. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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