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April 9, 1999 Campaign Update

April 9 Campaign Update

"I want you to vote for me to be president because I believe I can lead this country into a much brighter future for all the children of the 21st Century -- with a strong and growing economy, with revolutionary changes to improve our schools, with a cleaner environment, with strong families and livable communities, and with America leading the entire world toward higher levels of freedom and prosperity."

-- Vice President Al Gore, Gore 2000 Website Interactive Town Hall Meeting, 4/8/99


1. A Great Week

Vice President and Mrs. Gore visited California and Iowa this week, met with citizens and had a great time talking about the issues and the important challenges that lay ahead. They were greeted by enthusiastic supporters and had a little fun at several Gore 2000 events.

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2. California Highlights

On Tuesday, in Merced, CA, the Vice President met with high school students at the Tri-College Center. The students were using computers to work on mock designs for a new university. The Los Angeles Times' Ed Chen reported that the Vice President "became so engaged that he shucked his jacket, knelt between two nervous students and took control of the mouse, wielding it with easy familiarity as he plunked an imaginary firehouse down in one corner of the virtual campus." The Vice President also participated in a roundtable discussion on higher education initiatives with local education leaders. He also met with local leaders and farmers to discuss agriculture and water issues.

The Gores then headed up to the Silicon Valley where they toured the Technology Museum of Innovation and met with supporters at two Gore 2000 events. Things got exciting at the home of Janina Pawlowski, where Mrs. Gore ably played the Conga drums with the Flying Other Brothers Band, which is headed up by former Grateful Dead members Bob Weir and Mickey Hart.

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3. And you thought California was fun -- Iowa highlights

Waterloo, IA was the next stop for the Vice President and Mrs. Gore. They met with supporters at the Daisy Walton Inn and stopped for lunch at Morg's Diner before leading a forum on the issue of equal pay for women. The Vice President told the Waterloo Courier, "I want to meet with voters one-on-one in small groups, living rooms, in small diners, have conversations and exchanges, because that's how the Iowa caucuses work."

After spending the evening in the Colo, IA farm house of Keith and Susan McKinney, the Vice President addressed the Iowa State Education Association in Cedar Rapids. The Vice President told the ISEA that he wants "children to walk into modern classrooms, with small-sized classes, well trained teachers who have full opportunities for professional development and full access to new technologies."

The Vice President also visited living rooms in Ames and participated in a live chat on the Gore 2000 website from Cedar Rapids.

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4. Our first Interactive Town Hall

As noted above, the VP conducted the first Gore 2000 website interactive town hall chat live from Cedar Rapids last night. He enjoyed the discussion and promised to conduct the chats on a regular basis. The discussion topics ranged from healthcare and education to the space program and Kosovo. For a complete transcript of the chat, please visit the Town Hall section of the Gore 2000 website at

Click here to read the trancsript of the April 8 Interactive Town Hall

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5. On to Wisconsin

This weekend, the Vice President will travel to Wausau, WI to attend a reception and a "Better Way Club" event for Rep. David Obey. He will then fly to Madison to tour a biotech lab and participate in a roundtable discussion on biotechnology.

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Upcoming Gore 2000 Events:

- April 16 Gore 2000 Reception, Nashville, TN

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