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April 13 Campaign Update

Gore 2000 supporters hold up a message for Mrs. Gore when she was in New Hampshire to address the NH Democratic Convention on Saturday, April 10. (Click to view full size image - 86k)

1. Livability on the Map
2. Walking with Obey in Wausau, Milkshakes in Madison
3. More Gore (Tipper, that is) in New Hampshire
4. Speaking of New Hampshire
5. Kickin' Butts in Ohio/Kickin' it in Tennessee


Vice President Gore's hard work on the issue of livability has finally gained some recognition in the national media. The Los Angeles Times' Ronald Brownstein wrote (4/12) that while the Vice President has been needled in the media over the past few weeks, "Ironically, he's received almost no attention for his part in one of the administration's major innovations: its effort to reorient urban policy toward encouraging more private investments in inner cities." Brownstein also noted that "since last fall, (Gore) led the way in defining an administration agenda to combat suburban sprawl - the endless march of the strip mall and the subdivision."

"A presidential candidate should worry about more important things than traffic jams, the pundits sniff when Al Gore holds forth on land use…" writes Geneva Overholser of the Washington Post (4/12). "But some think the critics will quit laughing and that Gore has struck political gold on 'the first important social policy of the 21st Century'."

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Vice President Gore stopped in Central Wisconsin on Saturday, April 10. First, he addressed a crowd of 1200 at a Wausau event for his good friend Congressman David Obey (D-WI) and also attended a reception. The VP answered questions on a number of topics, including Social Security, Medicaid, the environment, Kosovo, and education. The Vice President told the attendees that we must strengthen education to prepare our children for the next century.

"More and more work is being done with brain power, not muscle power," the Vice President said. "The need to hire new teachers is a high national priority. We need to build new schools and link classrooms to the information superhighway."

In Madison, the VP led a discussion at the University of Wisconsin's biotech center on women and science and toured the biotech facility. He said we need to eliminate the gender pay gap to encourage women to participate in scientific and high-technology careers.

"We can't succeed without much broader participation on the part of women in science, in math, and high technology," the Vice President said. "We have to find the barriers that have thus far discouraged women from entering these fields at the same rate as men, and we have to remove those barriers."

Finally, the Vice President topped off his trip to Wisconsin by stopping into a delicatessen for a chocolate milkshake and a little conversation with the diners.

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3. MORE GORE (Tipper, that is) IN NEW HAMPSHIRE

Tipper Gore addressed the New Hampshire Democratic Convention on Saturday (4/10) where she was greeted by shouts of "More Gore". Mrs. Gore's remarks touched on issues that are at the heart of the Gore 2000 campaign - health care, education, pay equity, and economic prosperity. She also stressed the importance of the New Hampshire primary to the Vice President. "He and I view the New Hampshire primary the same way we viewed his first race for Congress in Tennessee," she said.

She added that the Vice President has "focused, not only on education and high tech, but also issues like the care gap. He understands from our personal experience, that women are often the ones that are caring for kids as well as caring for elderly parents, trying to balance their lives."(WMUR 4-10)

Mrs. Gore also made an impromptu stop in a local restaurant to present a waitress with photographs she had taken during her last visit to Manchester.

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Mrs. Gore announced that the Vice President will visit New Hampshire on Saturday, April 17. He will be meeting with residents and campaigning in living rooms in Keene, Salem, and Bedford.

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The Vice President will be travelling to Akron, Ohio on Wednesday, April 14. He will attend a local "Kick Butts Day" event and will talk to kids about the dangers of youth-smoking. On Friday, April 16, the Vice President will attend a Gore 2000 reception in Nashville, TN.

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Upcoming Gore 2000 Events:

April 16:  Gore 2000 Reception in Nashville, TN
April 17:  Campaigning in Keene, Salem, and Bedford, NH
April 19:  Gore 2000 Lunch in Cincinnati, OH
April 19:  Gore 2000 Dinner in Chicago, IL

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Mrs. Gore addresses a forum on mental health during a visit to Runnells, Iowa -- (click to view full size image)

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