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April 20, 1999 Campaign Update

"I want to be your President, because I want to lead this nation into that strong future in the 21st Century. This can be a time of new beginnings: not just a new century and a new millennium, but a time of possibilities we have only begun to imagine. It is a time for reflection on the wisdom we’ve gained from where we’ve been -- and a time for renewed inspiration for where we can go."

-- Vice President Al Gore, Cincinnati, OH 4/19/99

1. Home Sweet Home
2. Chicago is Gore's Kind of Town
3. Cincinnati Dems Back Gore
4. Firefighter is Gore Fan
5. Big Apple, Big Support
6. New Hampshire Highlights

1. Home Sweet Home

Vice President Gore was home in Nashville on Friday April 16. The Vice President was greeted warmly by his old friends and supporters at a Gore 2000 dinner. The Associated Press reported that "James and Erma Bass drove about 45 miles west from Gore's hometown of Carthage to hear him speak. ‘We've been long supporters of both his father before him and then him since he's been in politics,' said Bass, who worked on the late Sen. Albert Gore Sr.'s first Senate campaign and every one of his son's campaigns. 'He has a message. It's a message that will carry to people, such as education, health care, a good way of life for people as you go into the new century,' Bass said."

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2. Chicago is Gore's Kind of Town

Illinois Democrats gather to endorse Al Gore in Chicago on April 19, 1999
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Richard M. Daley, Mayor of Chicago, warmly welcomed Vice President Al Gore to Chicago yesterday where he attended a Gore 2000 dinner and was endorsed by more than 100 Chicago and Illinois Democratic leaders. Supporters included Daley; U.S. House Members Danny Davis, Bobby Rush, and Jan Schakowsky; John Stroger, Cook County President; Jesse White, Secretary of State; and many, many others. (For a complete list, click here.

During the endorsement announcement, Bill Daley, U.S. Commerce Secretary, had this to say about Al Gore: "If you want a leader who will keep America’s economy strong and will fight hard for American businesses and their workers, I believe Vice President Gore should be your choice as the next President of the United States. Quite simply, Vice President Gore is the best person to lead America into the next century."

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3. Cincinnati Dems Back Gore

Gore was welcomed into Cincinnati both at a Gore 2000 lunch and by the endorsement of numerous democratic and labor leaders. Roxanne Qualls, Mayor of Cincinnati and Tony Hall, U.S. Representative (D-OH) were among the list of endorsers. (For a complete list, click here.

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4. Firefighter is Gore Fan

Firefighter Matt Moseley is not only a national hero, but also a Gore supporter. Last week, the Atlanta firefighter made national news with his dramatic rescue of a crane operator. Appearing on NBC's Today show Friday (4/16) morning, Moseley took time to thank the Vice President for his support of firefighters. "I'd also like to give my appreciation to Vice President Al Gore for his phone call. It really meant a lot, and I just want Vice President Gore to know that we really appreciate his support of the International Association of Firefighters. He's a staunch supporter of the fire service and we are thrilled to have him on our side".

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5. Big Apple, Big Events

On Wednesday (4/21) Vice President Gore will meet with Gore 2000 supporters during a trip to New York. The Vice President will attend a small lunch with supporters early in the day. He will also attend a Gore 2000 reception and dinner at the Sheraton New York Hotel.

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New Hampshire Highlights

Vice President Gore campaigned in New Hampshire over the weekend. He answered questions and spoke with residents in the homes of Robert and Alfreida Englund in Keene; Steve and Dianne Hatem in Salem; and Peter and Patty Thompson in Bedford. The Vice President also had the opportunity to speak to several local newspapers during his visit.

"One of the things I most enjoy about New Hampshire is the opportunity to go into living rooms and restaurants and talk with small groups," Vice President Gore told the Manchester Union Leader (4/18). "There has been a debate over the years about having the first-in-the-nation primary always held in New Hampshire. I'm strongly in favor of that. One reason is that in these living-room meetings the voters can use their political X-ray machines to see what makes somebody tick, what's inside, what they are really like."

Al Gore greeting voters in Salem, NH on April 17, 1999
Al Gore greets residents in Salem, NH on Saturday, April 17

Upcoming Travel

April 21  New York - Gore 2000 Reception
April 21  April 21 New York - Gore 2000 Dinner

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Al Gore greets residents in Salem, NH on Saturday, April 17 -- (click to view full size image - 190k)

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