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April 27 Campaign Update

"All of us must change our lives to honor these children. More than ever, I realize that every one of us is responsible for all the children. There are children today hungering for their parents to become more involved in their schools and to fill the spiritual void in their lives. If you are a parent, your children need attention. If you are a grandparent, they need your time. If you do not have children, there are kids who need your example and presence."

Vice President Al Gore
Columbine Memorial Service,
Jefferson County, Colorado
April 25, 1999

1. Columbine Memorial Service
2. NAACP Fight For Freedom
3. CWA/Social Security

1. Columbine Memorial Service

Vice President and Mrs. Gore traveled to Colorado on Sunday (4/25) to attend a memorial service for the victims of the Littleton school shootings. The Vice President told the 70,000 mourners that the world was watching and that we should "remind them that the young killers of Columbine High School do not stand for the spirit of America. America is a good and decent place -- and our goodness is a light to all the nations of the world. We have seen in this community so much of that goodness, so much healing, so much of what is best in our country. You have shown us that even in this ashen moment, there is a spark that lights our way forward."

The Vice President added, "Parents, we can stop the violence and the hate. In a culture rife with violence --where too many young people place too little value on a human life -- we can rise up and say no more. We have seen enough violence in our schools. We must replace a culture of violence and mayhem with one of values and meaning. It is too easy for a young child to get a gun -- and everywhere we look, there are too many lessons in how to use one. We can do something about that. We need more discipline and character in our schools, and more alternatives to crime and drugs. We can do something about that. We need to look for the earliest signs of trouble -- and teach our children to resolve their differences with reason and conscience, not with flashes of passion. We can do something about that. No society will ever be perfect. But we know the way things should be. And America can be what it is meant to be: a community of goodness, of reason, of moral strength."

Click here to read the text of Al Gore's remarks at the Columbine Memorial Service.

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2. NAACP Fight For Freedom

Vice President Gore traveled to Detroit on Sunday evening (4/25) to deliver the keynote address at the Detroit NAACP chapter's annual Fight for Freedom Fund dinner. The Vice President told the audience of about 10,000 that we have made progress in race relations, and asked, "Will we build on the progress of this century toward justice and tolerance and inclusion? Will we make the 21st Century the brightest time our nation has ever seen? In the 20th Century, we broke down barriers and overcame discrimination in our laws. We learned along the way that sometimes, good laws aren't good enough. Tonight, I pledge to you: if you stand with me, we will lead America into a 21st Century where we break down barriers not just in our lawbooks -- but also in our workplaces, in our schoolhouses, in our police stations -- and in the human heart."

The Vice President also asked the NAACP to help with four ideas to make our nation a more equal and open place for all Americans:

"The first thing I want to ask you to do is help me expand economic opportunity and tap the untapped markets of America's cities -- because I believe America's inner cities are America's hidden jewel." Vice President Gore said. "The second thing I want you to help me do is to protect civil rights in America, including affirmative action...While we work to protect rights, the third thing I want you to do is to help me give every child in this country a world-class education...And this is the fourth thing I want you to help me do...Help me build a safer society and safer schools for all our children."

Click here to read the text of Al Gore's remarks to the Detroit NAACP.

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3. CWA / Social Security

The Communications Workers of America (CWA) recently endorsed Al Gore for President. CWA President Morton Bahr stated that, "No other leader in public life can match Al Gore’s understanding of the changes taking place in the information age economy, and what needs to be done to provide training opportunities to create good, high-skilled jobs for the 21st century workforce." (CWA Westchester Guardian, 4/99)

During a speech yesterday (4/26) to the CWA in Washington, DC, Vice President Gore thanked the members for their efforts on behalf of America's working men and women, including their fight for decent health care, family and medical leave, and retirement security. He also took the opportunity to urge the Republican party to get on the same page with the rest of America and help save Social Security. " I believe that Social Security reform absolutely can be done this year -- if the Republican leaders make a clear decision to put Social Security first. It is time for us to act, to save Social Security for the 21st Century. I urge the Republican leadership to send not mixed signals but one clear signal that they will work across party lines in good faith, until America's retirement program is strong for our future."

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4. Iowa / GORENET

On Wednesday (4/28), Vice President Gore will be campaigning in Dubuque and Davenport, Iowa. He will speak to local residents at the Dubuque Regional Airport and Quad Cities Airport before meeting with voters in local living rooms.

On Thursday (4/29), the Vice President will attend Gore 2000's first GORENET event at the Capital City Brewery in Washington, DC. GORENET is a network of individuals from around the country who are dedicated to electing Al Gore President of the United States. While this event is geared towards younger supporters, everyone is welcome to join in the fun. Tickets are $250. For more information, please call (202) 263-6009.

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Upcoming Travel

April 28  Campaign visit to Dubuque
and Davenport, IA
April 29  Gore 2000 Reception in Washington, D.C.

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New York City - Vice President Gore delivered an address on foreign policy Wednesday, April 21 at Ellis Island.
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