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April 30 Campaign Update

Al Gore greeting residents in Dubuque, Iowa on April 28, 1999

"We need more discipline and character education in our schools. We need to teach our kids that guns, gangs, and drugs have no place anywhere near a classroom. And we need to get parents more involved in their children’s education."

Al Gore
J.B. Young Intermediate School,
Davenport, IA
April 28, 1999

1. In the Hawkeye State
2. Rockin’ with GORENET
3. Bluegrass Governor Endorses Gore

1. In the Hawkeye State

Al Gore was in Iowa on Wednesday (4/28). In Des Moines, he participated in a nationally televised town hall meeting on the lessons of the Littleton tragedy. Earlier, he visited with students in Davenport about school safety and after-school issues. The Vice President spoke to students at J.B. Young Intermediate School about the importance of discipline and character education in our schools.

“Iowa schools have long been national leaders on character building,” Gore said. “I am proud Iowa is focusing on reforms like the “Expeditionary Learning” program that helps build character and teamwork, while emphasizing a commitment to community. I just saw students participating in similar team-building exercises in the cafeteria. We want to see more programs like this across Iowa and across America.”

Gore also campaigned in living rooms in Dubuque and Davenport. He talked to voters about his vision for the future and the role Iowa will play in the upcoming campaign.

“I am here today because I want to be your President, and lead this nation into the 21st century.” Gore said. “One of the reasons the Iowa Caucuses - and this kind of door-to-door, family-to-family campaigning - is so important is that it gives us a chance to reconnect with the people and values we’re fighting for. This is your campaign. It is about the America we can create for your children. And I’m here to listen to all of you.”

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2. Rockin’ with GORENET

Over 700 young professionals from the DC area came to the Capital City Brewing Company on Thursday (4/29) for the first GORENET event. GORENET is a network of young professionals who are dedicated to electing Al Gore President of the United States. The event was kicked off by two local bands, Word and Crownsayers, who rocked the audience with their funk sound. Al and Tipper Gore talked about the important role young people will play in the 2000 election. Look for more GORENET events in cities close to you.

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3. Bluegrass Governor
Endorses Gore

Paul Patton, Governor of Kentucky, is betting on a winner – and not just for the annual Run for the Roses. Patton endorsed Al Gore for President on Friday (4/30).

“Al Gore is a friend to Kentucky” Patton said, “We can count on Al Gore to continue fighting to ensure that all working families of America have an opportunity to participate in the economically prosperous times. Al Gore’s dedication to education and his commitment to our country’s children are unequalled. Today, I am proud to stand in support of Vice President Gore’s candidacy for President of the United States.”

Gore will be in the Bluegrass State on Saturday for a non-campaign related event (The Kentucky Derby).

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Al Gore at a Town Hall meeting in Iowa on April 28.  Click to view a full-size image
Al Gore at a Town Hall meeting in Iowa on April 28. Click to view a full-size image

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