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May 4 Campaign Update

"If we are serious about stopping the violence and helping our children, we as adults need to erase the stigma that prevents our kids from getting the help they need for their mental health. If we knew a child had a broken arm, we would take that child to an emergency room. And if we know a child is depressed or alienated, we need to take emergency action and stay involved with the problem."

Mrs. Tipper Gore
Time Magazine
May 10, 1999

1. Poll Shows Strong Dem Support for Gore
2. South Carolina Dems Back Gore
3. Help for Kids
4. Clean Communities, More Prosperous Economies

1. Poll Shows Strong Dem Support for Gore

A new nationwide poll released Monday (5/3) shows Al Gore with a 3 to 1 lead over his Democratic opponent. The CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll shows Al Gore leading Bill Bradley 66%-23%. This poll, combined with last week's Reuters/Zogby poll are strong indicators of Al Gore's support among Democratic voters.

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2. South Carolina Dems Backs Gore

36 Democratic members of the South Carolina House of Representatives have announced their support for Al Gore's bid to become President of the United States. State Representative Alex C. Harvin III, Majority Leader Emeritus, recently sent a letter to Al Gore announcing the endorsements of the South Carolina leaders.

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3. Help for Kids

Mrs. Tipper Gore wrote an essay encouraging parents to erase the stigma that prevents kids from getting mental health help in this week's (5/10) issue of Time magazine. Mrs. Gore said that a parent of one of the victims in Littleton, CO asked the Vice President to promise that we would make changes to show that these children did not die in vain. She added, "Our country needs to make this promise in every house, on every street, in every community. And then we need to keep it."

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4. Clean Communities, Prosperous Economies

Livability has become an increasingly important issue to many American families who want clean communities, a prosperous economy, and a better quality of life with more time for their kids.

Vice President Gore's leadership is clear on these issues in his livability proposal, to help build communities that are not just better off, but better. He wants more green and open spaces in our communities; less traffic congestion; regional cooperation for smarter growth; schools as centers of communities; and urban redevelopment to revitalize our cities. The goal: communities where young and old can walk, bike, and play together; where we not only protect historic old neighborhoods, but where farms, green spaces, and forests add life and beauty to the newest of suburbs; where a high quality of life attracts cutting-edge businesses and talented employees; and where we can spend less time in traffic and more time with our families.

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Al Gore at a Town Hall meeting in Iowa on April 28.  Click to view a full-size image
Al Gore at a Town Hall meeting in Iowa on April 28. Click to view a full-size image

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