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May 21 Campaign Update

"Right now, the gun show loophole is so big, you can drive a truck through it. We know guns are routinely sold at gun shows. We know criminals have used guns purchased at gun shows to kill. And we know that a simple background check to keep guns away from felons and fugitives is no real inconvenience on hunters and legitimate, law-abiding gun owners. That is why today's vote to require a common-sense background check at gun shows is nothing less than a bullseye for law-abiding citizens and families."

Al Gore, U.S. Capitol
Washington, D.C., May 20, 1999
1. Gore Votes to Close Gun-Show Loophole
2. Gore's Southern Swing
3. Tipper Takes Trip to Texas
4. Women for Gore
5. Gore Watch - The GOP's Partisan Attacks on Gore
6. Upcoming Gore 2000 Travel

1. Gore Vote Closes Gun-Show Loophole

Vice President Gore cast the deciding vote on a Senate measure to tighten background checks on gun purchases. "Vice President Al Gore rode into the Senate Thursday like a knight in armor to cast a rare tie-breaking vote that won a major victory for gun-control advocates" (Reuters 5/20).

"I personally would like to dedicate my tie-breaking vote to all of the families that have suffered from gun violence," the Vice President said in a news conference following his tie-breaking vote. "This is a turning point for our country. Finally, this majority is turning the corner and helping to protect the children and families of this country."

2. Gore's Southern Swing

Al Gore will travel to Orlando, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia on Monday, May 24. In Orlando, Gore will attend a Gore 2000 luncheon. In Atlanta, he will deliver a speech on faith-based organizations at the Marietta Street Salvation Army and will attend a reception for Gore 2000 in the evening.

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3. Tipper Takes a Trip to Texas

Tipper Gore will be in Austin, Texas on Tuesday, May 25 for several Gore 2000 events. Mrs. Gore will attend a lunch and reception in Austin. Mrs. Gore will then attend a Gore 2000 reception in Dallas before meeting up with the Vice President on May 26 for another Dallas Gore 2000 lunch. They will both travel to Houston for a Gore 2000 dinner later in the evening.

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4. June 1: Women's Endorsement Event

Join hundreds of D.C. area women on Tuesday, June 1 as they pledge their support for Al Gore's candidacy for President of the United States. The event will take place at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. at 9:00 a.m. For more information or to RSVP call Anu Rangappa at (202) 263-6052. Your support will go a long way towards helping build a nationwide grassroots campaign.

If you would like to add your name to the list of women endorsing Al Gore for president on June 1, click here.

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5. Gore Watch - The GOP's Partisan Attacks on Gore

The Republican Party has started regular attacks on Al Gore nearly a year and a half before the general election. The New York Times (5/19) reported that the office of the House majority leader has become a clearinghouse for anti-Gore press releases and that members of the "Conservative Action Team" have started a "Gore Watch" whose purpose is to attack Gore.

Instead of spending their time working to address the challenges of the 21st Century, the GOP is using Congress as a launching pad for petty partisan attacks on Gore. Why? Because the RNC's own polls show that Republicans can't win on the issues and that voters trust Democrats more when it comes to those issues. (AP, 5/18)

Al Gore will not allow the GOP attacks to sidetrack this campaign. He will continue to focus on the issues that will take America towards a brighter future -- strong families and livable communities, a strong and growing economy, revolutionary changes to improve our schools, a cleaner environment, and an America that leads the entire world toward higher levels of freedom and prosperity.

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6. Upcoming Gore 2000 Travel

*May 24 Gore 2000 Lunch, Orlando, Florida
*May 24 Speech at the Marietta Street Salvation Army, Atlanta, Georgia
*May 24 Gore 2000 Dinner, Atlanta, Georgia
*May 25 Gore 2000 Lunch, Reception, Austin, Texas (Tipper Gore)
*May 25 Gore 2000 Reception, Dallas, Texas (Tipper Gore)
*May 26 Gore 2000 Lunch, Dallas, Texas
*May 26 Gore 2000 Dinner, Houston, Texas

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