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May 26 Campaign Update

Al Gore speaking at the Salvation Army in Atlanta on the role of faith-based organizations

1. Gore Outlines Role of Faith in Society
2. Women for Gore
3. Texas Backs Gore
4. Gore 2000 Receptions Across the South
5. Gore Speaks to AIPAC and SEIU Conferences
6. Upcoming Gore 2000 Travel

1. Gore Outlines Role of Faith in Society

Al Gore, speaking to a crowd at the Salvation Army center in Atlanta, outlined the role of faith in America. Al Gore knows that faith is critical to strong families. That is why he has worked to promote the role of faith-based organizations in helping to strengthen families.

Al Gore believes government can play a greater role in sustaining the quiet revolution of faith and values -- not by dictating solutions from above, but by supporting the effective new policies that are rising up from the grassroots level. That is why he is proposing concrete actions to help faith-based organizations with their efforts; extending a program called Charitable Choice to help with drug addiction and homelessness; scaling up the role of faith-based organizations in the political process; and encouraging private support of these organizations.

Gore, a Baptist who attended one year of divinity school, urged private corporations to match employee contributions to religious groups. "For too long, faith-based organizations have wrought miracles on a shoestring. With the steps I'm proposing today, they will no longer need to depend on faith alone," he said to a chorus of "amen" from the audience. (Washington Post, 5/16)

Read the text of Gore's Atlanta speech

2. Women For Gore

On June 1, thousands of women across the nation will pledge their support for Al Gore’s candidacy. On issues of importance to American women Al Gore has been and continues to be a leader - a champion for women's issues. An event will be held at 9:00 a.m. at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. to launch the Women for Gore effort. For more information or to RSVP for the event call Anu Rangappa at (202) 263-6052. If you would like to add your name to the growing list of endorsements, click here.

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3. Texas Backs Gore

While traveling through the state of Texas, Gore was endorsed by over 230 South Texas Latino leaders. The endorsements came from elected officials and community leaders throughout South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley. Gore, grateful for the support said, Valley Democrats have always been strong leaders. The South Texas values of family, hard work, and community are the values that built this country.

Gore also received the endorsement of 15 Members of the Texas Democratic Congressional Delegation. The Representatives endorsement was a show of the strong support Gore has both in the state of Texas and up on Capitol Hill.

In the Rio Grande Valley, Vice President Gore attended an Empowerment Zone conference. The Valley Morning Star (5/26) wrote:

It was a little bit Ricky Martin, a little bit Kool and the Gang. If snapshot photographs were votes, Al Gore would win the 2000 election, at least in South Texas. A wind-blown Gore touted empowerment zones, his policy brainchild, before an enthusiastic crowd of believers at an Empowerment Zone fiesta Tuesday night at South Texas Community College in McAllen. Gore called empowerment zones ‘the future of America.’ ‘We’re proud of what you’re doing here in South Texas,’ Gore told the crowd before mingling through throngs of supporters to shake hands and take pictures.

Read the press releases on Gore's Texas endorsements:

Endorsements by South Texas Leaders


Endorsements by House members

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4. Gore 2000 Receptions Across the South

Al and Tipper Gore have been traveling through the south over the last three days attending Gore 2000 receptions. In Orlando, Gore attended a reception at Hard Rock Live with more than 200 supporters in attendance. In Atlanta, Gore attended two fundraisers, one at a local restaurant and one at the home of Charles and Cindy Mathis.

Tipper, also traveling in Texas this week, attended two receptions in Austin and a reception for gay and lesbian supporters in Dallas on Tuesday (5-25). Today (5-26) Tipper joined Al at a Gore 2000 lunch in Dallas, Texas to thank supporters. From there, Gore will travel on to a Gore 2000 dinner in Houston.

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5. Gore Speaks to AIPAC and SEIU Conferences

Addressing the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee(AIPAC) on Sunday (5-23), Vice President Gore pledged that the United States would continue to work with Israel toward peace. Our special relationship with Israel is unshakable,'' Gore said. ``It is ironclad, eternal and absolute. That is not a theory, a proposition, or a preference; it is a core principle of American foreign policy.'' (AP 5/23)

Gore also addressed the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). Speaking to the Conference on Legislative and Political Action, Gore told the group, "I'm pro-worker, pro-family and pro-organizing."

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6. Upcoming Gore 2000 Travel

*** June 1 Washington, DC, Women’s Event
*** June 1 Newark, NJ, Gore 2000 Reception

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