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June 7, 1999 Campaign Update

"We're not just running a race for the cure, we're running a race against the clock. In the time it takes an average runner to finish this race, ten women will have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and two more will die from it. As the women all around us in pink shirts are proving, we can beat breast cancer. With early detection, and aggressive treatments, more and more women are beating this disease. To the survivors here today, let me say: you are our inspiration. And to the families and friends of victims and survivors, thank you for being here - and taking a stand against this silent stalker."

Al Gore, June 5, 1999,
Washington, DC, Race for the Cure

1. Tipper and Al Gore Race for the Cure
2. New Hampshire Senators Endorse Gore
3. Tipper Gore hosts Mental Health Conference

1. Tipper and Al Gore Race for the Cure

Tipper and Al Gore on Saturday (6-5) participated in the National Race for the Cure. Joining Al and Tipper were, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and two dozen members of Congress who put on their running shoes Saturday to raise money for breast cancer research and treatment programs. A large contingent of Gore 2000 staffers also huffed and puffed their way through the 5K race.

"At the Washington Monument, they joined 65,000 other participants, many of whom were cancer survivors or relatives of cancer victims. After a brief pep rally and warm-up set to dance music, they blended into a sea of white T-shirts for a 5-kilometer run around downtown Washington." (AP - 6/5)

Click here to see the Race for the Cure photojournal.

2. New Hampshire State Senators Endorse Gore

Al Gore on Thursday (6/3) received the support of 10 New Hampshire State Senators for his 2000 presidential bid.

Al Gore received the endorsements of 10 Democratic State Senators in New Hampshire today

"I am very grateful to have the support of these dedicated New Hampshire leaders." Gore said. "Although it's been 86 years since the New Hampshire state Senate was under Democratic leadership, in just one year, this group of Senators has created their own tradition of brilliant Senate Democratic leadership. This is truly a golden moment for the Granite State. I look forward to working with this outstanding group of legislative leaders to build an even better New Hampshire."

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3. Tipper Gore hosts Mental Health Conference

Today (6-7) Tipper and Al Gore joined the President and Mrs Clinton at the first White House Conference on mental illness. The conference is an effort by the administration to dispel myths about people who suffer from depression, schizophrenia and other psychiatric problems.

"Every day, in every community in America, millions of Americans and their families face the problem of mental illness. In fact, more than one in five Americans experiences some form of mental illness every year, from depression to schizophrenia. One in four Americans has a family member with a mental illness. And virtually every American has a friend, a neighbor, or a colleague with a mental illness. We know that mental illness is not something that happens to other people. It touches us all. Why, then, is mental illness met with so much misunderstanding and fear? We have come so far in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness, but our attitudes have lagged far behind."

(Tipper Gore, Radio Address, 6-5)

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4. Upcoming Gore 2000 Travel

***June 14 New Orleans, LA
***June 16 Carthage, TN; Iowa City, IA
***June 17 Manchester, NH; New York, NY
***June 18 Los Angeles, CA; Seattle, WA

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