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Registering to vote in New York The New York Voter Registration deadline is 25 days before the election date. The New York Primary Election date is tentatively scheduled for March 7, 2000.

To request a voter registration application, write to:

Secretary of State
NYS Board of Elections
Swan Street Building, Core 1
6 ESP, Suite 201
Albany, NY 12223-1650
Telephone (518) 474-8100
(800) FOR-VOTE

New York voters may register to vote through the Motor Voter Registration process while applying or renewing a license or download the form by visiting the web page

Or submit an application for a Voter Registration Card electronically by visiting the following web page

To locate your County clerk visit

To answer any questions pertaining to the voter registration process, visit the Web Site for the New York Division of Elections at

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Become a part of our I-Team! Move up through the campaign ranks - you start out as a New York I-Team field organizer. The more activists you recruit, the more responsibility you will have. We need you to help organize on line activists in New York. Get started today!

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Tipper Gore Accepts The Endorsement Of Albany Supporters and Elected Officials
7/14/99 - Albany, NY - Tipper Gore participated in a press conference in Albany today, where elected officials and supporters from across Albany County endorsed Al Gore for President. The endorsement was coordinated by Mayor Jennings of Albany.

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